All you need to monetise your website and monitor your revenue

In its app, Adlive has all the tools that have been created to make your publisher life easier.

Simple and personalized

Simple and automated registration

APPY is by your side to help you create your account and begin to display adverts on your website in a few minutes. Our teams keep an eye on APPY and your site at every point in time.

Optimise your website’s user experience

Select the ad placement formats that improve the user experience on your website, IAB display, video or native, the choice is yours, you’re the boss!

Customise the settings for each placement

Connect Adlive placements to those from your ad server. Then select the sizes you want to sell or set floor prices, it is really that easy to manage and have control over your ad spaces.

Maximise the profitability of your placements thanks to multi-size

Allow advertisers to bid for different sizes in the same placement while keeping a top user experience on your website. You can maximise the profitability of each placement in this way by displaying the format which offers the best price.

Simple and instant integration

All you have to do is copy your Adlive tags on your website and you are ready to display the ads of your advertisers. You can find these tags on your Adlive account in order to use them later.

Centralise the management of all your ads

On Adlive App, we make it possible for you to monitor and manage the status of all your placements from your Adlive account.

Send all your instructions to APPY

Our artificial intelligence, APPY, obeys you completely. Send all your instructions for the management of your inventory and APPY will execute them at lightning speed.

Efficient and profitable

The best partners for each of your formats

Select which partners you want to connect to depending on the different formats of your placements. We have already built the technical connections for you.

Get access to a larger high-quality demand

We have established commercial partnerships with the main exchanges and sources of international demand. We make it possible for you to complement your current demand with that our our partners and we do not charge any fees for that.

Manage your partners on the go

You can have real-time management of your partners’ activities while activating and disactivating them depending on their performance.

Analysis and Optimization

Monitor the performance of your earnings in real-time

Adlive Insights offers you the opportunity to monitor the performance of your ads in detail and in real-time.

Identify the best performing partners

Adlive insights shows you the net price paid by the buyers in order to make it possible for you to determine which partners are most profitable for you.

A detailed statement of all your transactions

Transparency is not a vain promise, you have access to a detailled statement of all transactions in order to analyse the drivers of your growth at impression level.

Select the indicators that are important to you

Everybody has different needs, we make it possible for our most experienced users to modify the default parameters and configure Adlive Insights to their taste in order to select the performance indicators they prefer to monitor.

Adopt a dynamic optimisation strategy

You can ask APPY to carry out changes in your placement settings depending on variables such as the prices of bids received, schedules, geographical zones, etc… You can thereby improve the performance of your revenue.

Export your data

Your campaign data are important. That is why we make it possible for you to take them with you whereever you go and in various formats (pdf, Excel) or via API.

Always by your side

You can always count on APPY as well as our teams of revenue management advisers. The help and information articles and explanatory videos are also at your disposition so that header bidding and revenue management are no longer a mystery to you.

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