One single app to change publishers’ life

Adlive is the first revenue optimisation app that connects you to all buyers.

Full HB

More competition, more revenues

The Adlive header bidding server helps you automatically auction-off your advertising placements with a bigger number of partners. You are guaranteed to sell at a better price.

No latency. A superior user experience

The server-side technology helps to considerably improve the loading time for a better user experience and monetisation of all advertising impressions on your website.

Keep control of your advertising operations

You are the boss of all your operations, decide at all the stages, manage the parameters of your placements, select your commercial partners, we will provide the support and maintain the app.

Live Bid

No need to change your current tech stack

Created specially for users of Prebid.js, our Livebid adapter integrates with your current installation within a few seconds and helps you to enjoy the demand of our partners immediately.

What if you didn’t have to choose anymore…

Users of Prebid.js have to give up adding some partners to their wrapper in order not to slow down their website. Livebid integrates a great number of server-side connected partners into a single adapter and therefore helps you get access to the demand of a large number of partners through a single adapter.

Get the best auctions for your audience

Adlive is powered by a powerful proprietary cooking syncing protocol which makes it possible to send visitor data to partners in a secure manner and in conformity with GDPR standards. This helps to get targeted advertisements with the highest CPM and provide you with a higher revenue.


Manage your advertising operations in a unique way

no matter what the request is, you only need to write naturally and APPY will execute your orders. It has been trained specially for that by our artificial intelligence coaches. “APPY”, can you sign me up to Adlive?

Efficient and profitable

Set up your strategies and APPY will do the work for you

You don’t have to be sitting in front of your PC all the time to react to specific changes. Set some scenarios in advance, give instructions to APPY and he will always be vigilant to execute the required actions in time.

Take APPY with you wherever you go

Thanks to our Slack integration, you can receive important notifications sent by APPY and give instructions back directly from your preferred messaging application.

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