Adlive Full HB

Powerful Server-Side
Unified auction technology

Open platform for publishers to leverage the power of server-side

auction management with hybrid integration


Effortless setup

Adlive Full HB allows publisher to set up their account and wrapper with virtually no tech effort. A single line of javascript code inserted in the publisher’s header and the magic happens: automated ad server configuration and account setup via API.

Powerful server to execute auctions

Adlive Full HB is empowered with robust server infrastructure on AWS to support publishers ad operations. Forget pages latency and partners restrictions, unlock the full potential of your inventory and trade at scale.

You are in control

Manage your properties, inventory and partners in real-time from Adlive Full HB UI with no code to push. You are in control to drive your revenue.

A unique UI for all your needs

Adlive Full HB offers a single unified platform to manage your inventory ad ops and header bidding auction.

Leverage all of power of header bidding without the time and cost of operations and no middle man to deal with.

From the UI of Adlive Full HB, setup and implement a full header bidding solution on all your domains and using different types of media: display, video and native.

A scalable and fully supported cloud platform

Fast response time for a lightweight setup

Server-side auctions are executed on an external cloud, not in the browser. With one simple javascript code, publishers can enjoy seamless integration with their existing tech stack.

Up-to-date connections

Adlive keeps all demand sources integrations up-to-date with prebid versions to reducing the need for dedicated ad-ops or engineering resources on your side.

Hybrid integration

Adlive Full HB allows to publishers to sell their inventory at scale. Additional demand sources can be integrated while keeping existing publishers’ client-side integrations. You can manage all your bidders from the UI in real time with no code required.

Advanced analytics & reporting

Business data has to be meaningful, this is why Adlive Analytics is by design a working tool for publishers ad ops and business teams to effectively read and manage key drivers. While offering a high-level view, Adlive analytics also deliver a granular analysis of the KPIs to help publishers team drive their revenue and make the right decisions about performance.

9 reasons why

Immediate Setup

Adlive Full HB wrapper allows pub-
lishers to quickly setup an enterprise-level header bidding technology to boost their revenue.

Keep Your tech stack

Adlive Full HB is fully compatible with
DFP API. No need to change a single
item in your tech stack.

We are agnostic, no media fees

Pay only the flat fees for the technol-
ogy licence and don’t worry about
manipulated bids.


Easily connect to any major demand
sources from the UI.

More than display ads

Unlock the full potential of your prop-
erty by monetizing your display,
video and native inventory.

More partners, more revenue

Forget page latency and demand
partners restriction

Adlive Analytics

Real-time enterprise-level business
analytics to drive your revenue.

Optimized user syncing

Near client-side match rates thanks
to AdliveSync proprietary syncing

Extraordinary Team

We build relationships with publishers and engage with them