Adlive control & a Marketplace

An easy to use platform that allows publishers to manage their advertising inventory and access multiple streams of demand all in one centralized place.

Create and manage a wide range of engaging ad units and formats

Imagine how much time you will save by having all your demand partners and all your formats managed on your Adlive Marketplace dashboard Now enjoy 🙂

A/B test all the settings to build the perfect optimisations and get the highest returns

Optimize your placements leveraging Adlive data (engagement, viewability, time-based triggers…). Select the type of ads or formats while enhancing your user experience.

Connect to your demand partners for all formats without pushing a single line of code

With a single tag on your page, connect Adlive Control to your ad server, header bidding wrapper and demand partners. Now you can manage all your settings from your dashboard without pushing a single line of code.

Use Adlive audience segments to build high-value private deals with trading desks

Use Adlive to connect to trading desks and agencies to close high-value private deals for all your formats. Unleash all the potential of your business.

Monitor all your programmatic demand partners from the platform

Enjoy real-time monitoring and management of all your partners directly from your dashboard. No need to connect to their platforms.

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