Adlive Video Hypertext

The hypertext format provides users with a unique experience leaving them in total control of how they interact with ads. It prolongs user session times and provides publishers with a never seen before ad format that pays premium CPMs

No video player? No problem!

Integrate contextual video to the already existing content of your site even if you do not have a video player

A one of a kind experience for your users

Engage and retain your website’s visitors with a non-intrusive video ad format that pays high CPM and does not slow down the page load

Simple and easy incremental revenue 

Add a new source of revenue without changing your existing ad setup

High CPM and performance

High impact ad format with a viewability rate of 30% and a CTR of 12.9%

NLP protocol to find the right audience

Advanced contextual targeting features using a Natural Language Protocol to target specific keywords and sentences and deliver your message to the right audience in the right context

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