Adlive Insights

Consolidated real time reporting allows you to leverage your data to make better and faster decisions with deep insight and optimizations

Drive your yield management dashboard 

Deep dive into your campaign’s performance to identify revenue opportunities. Now you can monitor the performance of your demand partners, your placements, your content and identify top performing buyers and advertisers.

Dig into the performance of your content

Build your own dashboard to track the performance of your content and campaigns. Tailor the content to fit your needs.

Customize your KPIs

It’s time for you to go beyond viewability, completion rate and CTR. Choose the KPIs that matter most to you and customize your own dashboard. You can select from dozens of metrics and dimensions to get actionable insights for your monetization

Comprehensive APIs for advanced management and reporting

Adlive API allows your team to optimize workflow customisation, create advanced dashboards for reporting or simply build the connections you need with your existing tech stack.

Run custom multivariate tests to make the right decisions

Test and try various implementations, page layouts, ad placements and ad formats to find the one with the highest yield per session.

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