Programmatic TV for OTT services

Reach a previously unattainable level of interactivity.

Demand partnerships

Compete both direct competitor services such as Netflix, Tubi, Hulu, Pluto TV and the like and large advertising budget consumers such as Facebook, Amazon, and Google

Control over everything (both relationships and data)

Manage your inventory easily and receive detailed reports on your advertising performance thanks to a user-friendly interface with simple navigation.

Traditional TV-friendly sales process (digital avails, ad breaks, flowcharts, etc.)

The best of what the programmatic world can provide

Enjoy a Trusted Marketplace that provides you traditional open auction, private auction, programmatic direct deals and secure, standalone, and transparent environment.

Boost your CPM thanks to a much more targeting accuracy

Offer a granular targeting solution to your advertiser with three distinct: addressable, behavioral and demographic

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