Server-Side Header Bidding
Management Platform

Open platform for publishers to leverage the power of server-side

auction management with hybrid integration


Server-side or client-side

We support header bidding server-side setup or client-side wrapper

All types of inventory

Our demand covers display, Video and native inventory

Increase your yield

Optimize your yield with
commission-free campaigns

Premium demand partners

Adlive developed partnerships with the major demand sources to help publishers get access to quality demand at scale for all types of inventory.
Drive your revenue without the time and cost of managing relationships with demand partners.

  • Worldwide partnerships
  • Display, Native and Video demand sources
  • Hassle-free onboarding and setup with Exchanges & SSPs
  • Full inventory control, floors management
  • Real-time reporting with direct sourced ad spend

Transparency by design

We know how much transparency is important to the sanity of the Adtech supply chain. Publishers deserve to know who buys their inventory and at what price.
Our technology as well as the underlying business model are built to allow a full transparency among stakeholders on all transactions and events.

Neutral Mediation

Adlive is a technology product, and enters no media transaction

Live Data

Adlive offers live access to SSPs & Exchanges reporting data

Auctions Log

Adlive keeps a full history of all the auctions with bid prices

We have your back

Adlive believes that publishers time should be spent on content and marketing and not on ad ops. Our team is always available for conversations to help you drive your revenue and optimize your Ad Ops.

Our team is powered by “Appy”, the best artificial intelligence that knows best how to help publishers manage their ad ops and boost their revenue.

“Appy” Team is available 24/7 on chat to engage with happy publishers.

Comprehensive APIs for advanced management and reporting

Many ad tech vendors still don’t offer APIs with comprehensive services . Adlive built the API first, and our platform and integrations are built on top. Adlive REST API allows publishers team to optimise workflow customisation, create advanced dashboards for reporting or simply build the connections they need for their existing tech stack.