About us

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At Adlive, we are a global team of experts with a growth-mindset and dedicated to innovation. We combine our global expertise with local insights to turn ambitious business goals into concrete results.

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Our diverse backgrounds and expertises shape us into a highly adaptable, innovative and synergistic team of talents with a shared mission:

Helping media-buyers and publishers worldwide thrive in a fast-changing industry

Since day one, our mission has always been to help publishers and media buyers succeed in an increasingly complex and competitive digital ecosystem.

In an era of hyper-connectedness and self-expression, consumers value authenticity and transparency more than ever. The digital space is now critical in shaping consumers’ experience of a brand or product, and publishers and media-buyers must now convey personable experiences to truly achieve long-term sustainable success.

Our goal is to get you to that next level with memorable and high performing campaigns that shape long-term connections between you, your brands and your targets.


At Adlive, our milestones are many. Here are some of them 201


Adlive becomes the 1st automated guaranteed platform in the MENA region.


We receive the Endeavor Global Award in London, recognizing the world’s leading community of high-impact entrepreneurs, and are also the first independent server-side header bidding platform.


Our offices are based in the world’s biggest international entrepreneurial ecosystem and startup campus in the heart of Paris : Station F.


Adlive Insights, a real time analytics, was launched in january. In June, our new offices were launched for our Product Team in Monaco Tech, an innovative startup program.


Adlive Play, our video-first platform delivering unique advertising experiences is launched.

We launched our new offices in Dubai, and have made a large number of partnerships with world-class publishers and media buyers in the GCC region.