Adlive Connect The shortest and most efficient supply path to reach audience

More than 50% of the advertisers’ programmatic spend does not end up paying for effective media, revealed a 2020 PWC study for the ISBA in the UK.

Media buyers and/or demand-side platforms (DSPs) rely on Adlive Connect to build direct, trusted, verified and efficient paths to publishers’ inventory.

Optimize your conversion costs and take your campaigns’ performance to the next level with the machine-learning algorithm fueling Adlive Connect. Ad requests are filtered and curated before they are sent to you, which allows you to maximize your win rate and save on supply costs

Looking to run cross-channel digital campaigns at scale? Adlive Connect SPO Supply Path Optimization), can create real differentiated value for your campaigns by directly connecting you to publisher to optimize your supply cost across Web, Mobile, Connected TV and DOOH (Digital Out-Of-Home)

The benefits

  • Direct access to inventory and to your audience

  • Save money on supply costs

  • Optimize the performance of your campaigns

  • Avoid ad fraud

  • Increased transparency

  • Strengthen your supply relationships

  • Cut through the noise between you and publishers

Fight Ad Fraud and secure brand safety for your campaigns with Adlive PMP

Ad Fraud is undermining the performance of advertisers’ programmatic campaigns on the open marketplace. Emarketer estimates the global volume of ad fraud to be north of USD 50 Billion in 2021.

Media Buyers are taking control of their programmatic campaigns through Adlive PMP to build their own brand-safe Private Marketplace (PMP).

Integrate Adlive PMP with your DSP and start running private auctions in a safe environment on the inventory of curated publishers with pre-negotiated terms and conditions.

Build relationships with the publishers that drive the highest performance to your campaigns to secure access to your target audience with innovative formats and flexible deals setup on Adlive PMP

The benefits

  • Better price and flexible deals setup

  • Guaranteed audience reach

  • Access to a high-quality inventory before it ends up on the open market

  • Higher brand-safety

  • Higher transparency

  • Ensure a rich and inclusive space for media buying

  • Get outstanding cross-channel performance

Adlive Play: Deliver on-brand video campaigns and increase the reach of your brand content

With new content formats and channels proliferating, global video consumption and video inventory have been skyrocketing. This caused a serious challenge for brands to keep control over the video context their ads are delivered in. Brands across the world trust Adlive Play technology to deliver unique on-brand advertising experiences and enjoy outstanding results.

Brands across the world trust Adlive Play technology to deliver unique on-brand advertising experiences and enjoy outstanding results.

Adlive Play directly delivers your video campaigns from a player on the publisher’s page or environment. You get full control over the delivery of your campaigns and build relationships with the publishers to access premium inventory to reach your audience.

Create your own video context by selecting brand videos or curated video content your ads will be played in. With Adlive Play you can deliver outstanding performance in a brand safe environment. Your own publishers and your own video context for optimal campaign results.

The benefits?

  • Increase the reach of your brand content

  • Ensure your message is always on brand

  • 100% brand safe

  • Hand-picked publishers and video context for your ad campaigns

  • Access to unique video formats

  • Show up where you want with multi-screens delivery ; on the Web, Apps, Connected TV, and more.

Some of our campaigns

All this with no intermediaries, more transparency, and better rates.

Adlive CTV: The launchpad for your connected TV advertising engagement and performance

With consumers moving into online streaming and new devices, the media landscape has radically transformed to enable CTV to reach new heights. These shifting media consumption patterns represent major challenges for CTV media-buyers when engaging with more distracted low attention span audiences

Adlive CTV blends next gen CTV ad technology with dynamic content to deliver outstanding programmatic experiences to viewers. Empower your brand with Adlive CTV technology, target consumers at scale, and keep viewer’s attention on screen during ad breaks.

Captivate hyper-targeted audiences and achieve higher engagement levels by delivering localized content and video ads through Adlive Smartframe in CTV environments. Video ads are stitched to the content stream for a seamless and interactive video experience.

Take your CTV campaigns to the next level and drive cross-device conversions on Adlive CTV. Direct integrations with publishers will enable advanced targeting with first-party data and sophisticated conversion tracking that will put CTV at work for your performance campaigns.

The benefits

  • Engaging and Relevant micro-content

  • Tailored user experience

  • Increased viewer engagement

  • Hyper Localized content

  • Access to addressable audiences at scale

  • Brand-safe environment

  • prevent repetitive ads

  • access to premium inventory

  • Analytically driven content optimized for viewer context

  • Target SmartFrame content and/or target specific audience segments

  • Category specific pre and post engagement bumpers

  • Cross-device conversion tracking

Adlive DOOH (Digital-Out-Of-Home): Captivate and engage with outdoor audiences by leveraging free connectivity and advanced targeting

DOOH is strongly recovering from the huge hit it took last year due to pandemic-induced stay-at-home requirements. But as more and more parts of the world start to reopen, and people return to the highways and byways of life, DOOH is witnessing new highs. This inevitably poses a challenge for programmatic advertisers to reach and engage with new targeted audiences and drive conversions.

Through the Adlive DOOH Programmatic Video platform, brands can deliver outstanding programmatic campaigns in targeted locations through innovative digital billboards and impactful high quality videos on wifi portals. Adlive DOOH offers prime locations and seamless integration through the major DSPs used by brands and agencies.

Reach and engage with targeted audiences through full-screen, unskippable and hyper-personalized video ads on premium locations wifi portals. Directly launch campaigns from your preferred DSPs and enjoy unparalleled engagement levels and conversions including drive-to-store actions.

Deliver unique brand experiences with innovative DOOH formats on digital screens in prime locations. With Adlive DOOH, you can run cross-channel targeted video campaigns from your DSP and increase the unique reach of your campaigns.

The benefits

  • Granular geo-targeting

  • GDPR & CCPA compliant

  • Full-screen and unskippable HD video

  • Interactive digital billboards experiences

  • Brand-safe environment

  • Increased user engagement

  • Unique outdoor audiences

  • Drive-to-store conversions

  • Various programmatic deal configurations