Header Bidding technology
you can trust

Adlive offers publishers a transparent, neutral and

powerful technology to sell all types of ad inventory to

exchanges at scale in real-time.


Adlive takes care of the publishers who take

care of the content we all care about

Play only with the best

Adlive partners with the best exchanges and SSPs on a global scale to offer publishers quality demand for their inventory.

Header bidding at scale

@Adlive, we focus on delivering the highest value to our publishers. Our technology helps publishers trade at scale and sell all types of inventory to the major exchanges and demand partners.

Transparency, for real

Adlive offers a licence-based business model and takes no media fees. This neutral model allows, by design, a full transparency between publishers and media buyers.

Publishers get to know the real value of their inventory for each and every buyer.

3 reasons why

No media fees

Earn the real value of your inventory
without the opaque ad tech tax

Automated Onboarding

In the matter of minutes, your account is all set

“Appy” customer

Publishers can count on “Appy”, our AI super star, to drive their success

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